How to Know if Your Realtors are Really Helping You

A good real estate agent is someone who will do everything to serve you, whether you are buying or selling a property. But you need to be aware that these agents also have their own interest which is to earn for themselves. 

So how will you know if your realtor is really helping you? Here are some things to observe to know if your realtor is concerned about your selling your property: 

  1. Your realtor helps you price your home correctly

A great realtor does not agree to overprice a house just to earn a big sales commission. He makes the seller understand the disadvantages of putting an incorrect price tag. Instead, we will create ways to determine the correct pricing for the house. This includes checking the comps in the neighborhood, reading the indicators in the housing market, and checking what are the things that need to be remodeled. He makes you feel that when it comes to pricing, he is an authority to trust because he based his judgment from the right sources. 

  1. Takes all means of marketing your property

A good realtor knows how to reach the right market for your Burlingame houses for sale. He takes initiatives to make your listing reach as many potential buyers as possible. He asks your permission to post your listing online through MLS, listing websites, social media platforms, print advertisement, etc. In many cases, you notice that he is really into marketing, taking every opportunity to meet potential clients, go his way to attend events and introduce your property, distributing leaflets, and so on. 

  1. Develops an open communication with you

A good realtor constantly updates you about recent developments and any other concerns. He calls you when he sees a problem before it becomes a major concern. He makes you understand many real estate marketing terms in layman’s terms. When he misses your call, he returns it back ASAP. He may not agree with you all the time which is fine because it only means that he is letting you see things in other perspectives. 

  1. He brings qualified buyers  

You really don’t like wasting time with unqualified buyers. Your house can attract a broad range of market, but your agent should know how to filter down the qualified buyers only. He knows how to investigate their financial capacities to own a house. He understands how a mortgage loan agreement works and how you can benefit from different loan terms. He will not just bring in anybody he meets in the party just to show you that he is doing his job.