My name is Lance and I have been making dreams come true for twenty-five years now.

The way I describe my job, is less a real estate agent as an agent of change. This is because I will help bring about the transformation you need in your life.

If you need a quick sale and to be able to pack up and leave immediately, I can arrange for that to happen.

If you are happy to play the longer game and make the most for retail value for your home, I can make that happen too.

I have managed to sell properties that have been previously described as unsaleable. Once I have sold one home for a client, I frequently meet that same person, a few years down the line with their next sale.

There is a reason why people put their trust in me, because I am interested in what they want to happen firstly and foremost. Then I put a plan into action, to make sure that this is achievable.

So, if you have a home to sell and are not sure where to turn, don’t delay in contacting me and I will be happy to listen to your needs.